I want a running 4runner – Let’s trade…

..or help me with my current project/build. This is one that I did take in as a trade but unfortunately it wasn’t what I thought. 1st, it was night when I saw the post for a “4-cylinder 4runner” and I immediately went down to get it. Well it turned out to be a V6 (3-point-slow). I figured it’d be alright since it started up and ran. Anyway I ended up taking it home and set it aside.

After closer look weeks later, I had to swap PS pump and lines, replace CVD axles, ignition, & all kinds of little things here and there that are slowly adding up. Freaking sunroof is not even glass – it’s some sort of corrugated plastic bonded in place.

Project plans after getting it “rolling”:
5VZE engine swap
soft top
’80 grill / round headlights